On Going Public

September 9, 2008 at 3:01 pm | Posted in meta | 2 Comments

You probably haven’t noticed, because I haven’t decided yet whether & how I’m going to slap it on the front page, but after a year and a half of blogging here, I’ve decided to attach my real name to this project. (It’s now on the “About” page.)

My original motive for guarding my anonymity was concern for my career — I’m a Ph.D. candidate in English who may be going on the job market as soon as a year from now, and I was worried that whatever I said here might strike future employers (and my future self!) as naive, under-researched, or just plain dumb. But as I was finishing that last post, I realized that if I take that stuff about provisionality seriously, I ought to be willing to claim ownership of this writing. It may be tentative, it may be imperfect, it may even be wrong — but that’s no reason to succumb to the cult of silence.

I should also take this opportunity to say that I’m sorry for how sporadically this blog is updated, but I prefer not to write unless I definitively have something to say. I promise to keep coming to you when I have thoughts that are worth your time, as long as you promise to keep your RSS readers (Google has a nice free one) tuned to this frequency, and to click on me on the rare occasions that I light up.

For you non-RSS types: there’s a new post below this one! Don’t miss it!



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  1. You just have to be more careful about hitting the post button when you’re drinking.

    A friend of mine who works in the grant business in academia just told me that the only reason she’s on Facebook is so that she can spy on people she might give money or offer jobs.

  2. I think it’s nice to invite others to comment on your academic work in a different kind of forum. It’s the reason I blog, though my name is not attached, enough clues are present – including my job title at my publication and a link to the website. I’m actually documenting the process of writing my M.A. thesis – I commend you for “coming out” of the academic blogger closet. Welcome to a new world of fearing the eyes of big ivory tower brother…


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